The Encore Clutch Available Now!

New Style Available - The Encore Clutch

The Encore Clutch is now available! As you all know, when I try out a new bag style, I like to make up a sample and carry it myself for a while. This allows me to gauge the functionality, decide if it needs extra pockets, and any other tweaks needed for my customers.

Here is the sample I’ve been carrying:

Leather Encore Clutch Cream Ribbon Front

I used a cream-colored Italian leather for the exterior. The creamy tan leather looks like it has a light brown wash over it, giving a grungy, weathered, two-tone effect. This leather has the luxe feel you would expect from Italian leather - perfect for a clutch style bag meant to be carried in the hand.

I wanted to keep this clutch bag fairly neutral, so I used this bit of cream, tan, and black jacquard ribbon left over from a guitar strap. The pattern calls for piping to edge the center accent panel, but I happened to have a leftover piece of zipper tape just the right length, so I used that instead. Yes, I have many bins of scraps, all sorted by material. Scraps of anything have to be really super tiny for me to throw them away. Waste not, want not, right? Because you never know when you’ll need just the right piece of something for a project, and soft scraps get cut up even smaller to become stuffing for pillows and pet beds. And because landfills are full enough already.

I added a detachable wrist strap - options are always preferable - but I can’t imagine carrying this without the strap. It’s extra security to walk around with the strap wrapped around my wrist - not because I am in a high-crime area or fear someone grabbing it from me, but because I am a clumsy person who regularly drops things.

Moving inside the clutch, I followed the pattern instructions for the most clever, practical interior card slot pocket ever! There are 3 card slots; each slot holds multiple cards. Behind the card slots is a pocket that holds full-length cash and/or my phone. Sticking with the neutral color scheme, I used a light tan waterproof nylon canvas for my lining.

Don’t let the small size fool you - due to clever construction techniques and the most adorably shaped darts, there’s plenty of room inside for all the essentials.

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