About us

Lauren and Michaelanne 

My Mission

In a word - pockets!! I want to build you the perfect bag with all the right pockets, exactly where you need them! 

Our Name

My sister's last earthly address was on Mulberry Hill Road. She didn't live there very long, but we made many happy memories there. Although she left us too soon, her heart and spirit endure in those whose lives she touched. Our company name is our way of honoring her boundless love, support, and influence.

About Us             

Hi! I am Michaelanne, the owner/creator at Mulberry Hill Design. I have honed my skills over 40 years of sewing, am obsessive about crafting each detail perfectly, and am constantly researching new techniques and materials to deliver the absolute finest quality. I explored quilting, clothing, home decor, and baby items, but bag making sparked my passion. I recently upgraded to an industrial sewing machine so I can deliver high-quality bags and wallets to last a lifetime. Collaborating with clients to deliver the "Wow" factor is what I love to do. I do it all - selecting materials and hardware, cutting each piece, assembling the final product, then carefully packing and shipping each creation to its new owner. 

My daughter Lauren is the creative advisor. She helps with website layout, fabric combinations, copywriting, and graphic design. 

Handbags, Purses, and Wallets

Does shopping for a new handbag frustrate and disappoint you? Do you find yourself "making do" with the available pocket configurations? Can you find the color you want, in the style you prefer, with the pockets you need, and the strap length you like?  Do you want to carry the same bag as 50,000 other women?

Mulberry Hill Design delivers custom-crafted high-quality products you will be proud to carry season after season. We use the best "ingredients" - thread, materials, interfacings, stabilizers, hardware, zippers, etc. - combined with time-tested construction techniques to create each item. Our wallets and bags may have 3-4 different professional quality interfacings and stabilizers inside for quality you can feel and durability you will see as you enjoy your items for years to come



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