Mulberry Hill Design


The Party Tote

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s Party!”
— Robin Williams

Party in style with this tote that holds a box of wine in the bottom section! While wine is the obvious choice, refillable bags can be purchased at many sites online to dispense your favorite beverage.


Beverage Compartment (The Most Important Part!)

The beverage compartment is accessible through a zipper in the false bottom that creates a handy top section to carry your wine glasses, snacks, and party supplies. The flap over the spout hole closes securely with 2 snaps, and 1 snap holds it open for easy access.



Customizable Design

The sample bag is made in a canvas print with leather accents, and lined with a medium-weight waterproof canvas. We recommend durable materials such as leather, heavy canvas, or marine vinyl for the bottom, especially if you plan to use this outdoors, because we want the party to last a lifetime!