You are one of a kind, and your bag should be too.

Mulberry Hill Design delivers custom-crafted high-quality products you will be proud to carry season after season.

Industrial Sewing MachineBUILT TO LAST. I use an industrial sewing machine - the type used in high-end designer factories. The machine's ability to handle stronger threads and heavier materials allows me to construct bags and wallets to withstand long-term daily use. Unlike a factory, your bag or wallet will be made from start to finish to your specifications by an experienced artisan.
I use only the highest quality materials, double and triple stitch seams, and reinforce all stress points so that you can carry your belongings with confidence. There may be as many as 4 different interfacings and stabilizers inside your bag or wallet - never cardboard - that you will not see, but make all the difference in crafting durable items. 

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